The Riley Model B


The Riley Model B is a 3/8 scale design prototype for a homebuilt airplane that has yet to be built. The inspiration for its design was drawn from the missing chapter of the Golden Age of Aviation.

  • Wing Span:  108”

  • Wing Area:  1,936 sq. in. 

  • Airfoils:  Root NACA 2418 - Tip USA 35 B

  • Weight:  33 lbs.

  • Engine:  Moki 180 Radial / Valach 120 Four Stroke Twin

  • Smoke:  PowerBox

  • Planking:  Mahogany or Basswood Veneer and Spar Varnish

  • Finish:  Polyester fabric and Dope

  • Field Setup:  Less than 2 minutes

This model was built using traditional materials of lite ply, basswood and balsa.  The cowl, wheel pants, shrouds, windshield and headrest are fiberglass.  The wing is secured with a wing tube and flying wires. The landing gear is sprung and has about one inch of travel.  It flies just like you think it should: Smooth, stable, responsive, and easy to land.  

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Chuck Gratner