The Riley Model B

 The inspiration for the Riley Model B was drawn from the missing chapter of the Golden Age of Aviation.

  • Wing Span:  118”

  • Wing Area:   2,107 sq. in. 

  • Airfoils:   NACA 4418 - Washout 2°

  • Weight:  36.5 lbs.

  • Engine:   Moki 180 Radial / Valach 120 Four Stroke Twin

  • Smoke:  PowerBox

  • Planking:  Mahogany or Basswood Veneer and Spar Varnish

  • Finish:  Polyester fabric and Dope

  • Field Setup:  Less than 2 minutes

  • Build Time: About 350 hours

This model is built using traditional materials of lite ply, basswood and balsa.  The cowl, wheel pants, shrouds, windshield and headrest are fiberglass.  The wing is secured with a wing tube and flying wires. The landing gear is sprung and has about one inch of travel.  It flies just like you think it should: Smooth, stable, responsive, and easy to land.

Kits are now available. See Contact Page.  

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Chuck Gratner